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Bisexual Honest Adult Reviews are BiReviewsBisexual Honest Adult Reviews are BiReviews
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Previews BiReviews

The are previews of all the adult websites we are already in the process of reviewing. As a member of BiReviews you can request specific sites to be reviewed or you can tag these previews so that your MyRoom section of our site remembers them for future use when complete reviews are posted as well.

Almost Ready:

Mr Porn Geek
MrPornGeek features the fastest updates and sexiest details about all kinds of porn sites. Whether you are a guy or gal, straight, bisexual, gay or trans... there is always fresh new porn available for you to look through with the help of the site's author. Mr Porn Geek isn't a big corporate site owned by a giant company, it's similar to bireviews in that it's fully owned an operated by a real porn fan who actually has a pure interest in helping you find better places to cum online!

Under Development:

Lucky Lesbians
What makes a lesbian lucky? Getting to fuck other hot lesbians with toys of all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. When they're done ramming purple dildos into each other, it's on to a pussy lick fest of epic proportions! You don't need a lotto ticket to play with these Lucky Lesbians!Lucky Lesbians Review

Sperm Cocktail
Move over martini, there's a new drink in town. To make a Sperm Cocktail, all you need is somewhere between ten and fifty-five men to cum in a glass for you so you can swirl it around until it's mixed (shaken never stirred). Once the model swallows it all down, you can tell by her reaction whether or not you've created the perfect Sperm Cocktail. Brought to you by the twisted mind of Brandon Iron, Sperm Cocktail makes every hour a happy hour. Sperm Cocktail Review

Squirt Bukkake
If you love to watch women squirt all over each other, than Squirt Bukkake is not to be missed. Featuring an all female cast, these ladies unleash torrent after torrent of cum upon each other. Some swallow it down and others just bathe in it, but one thing is certain, these lady's are the queens of the squirt.Squirt Bukkake Review

Web Cam Club
Web Cam Club is a compilation of private performers who have their own cam and run their own shows. Whether you are looking for live action or are considering starting your own channel this is a great place to get your imagination going.Web Cam Club Review

This is the place to go if you are looking for some truly organic orgasms. Yanks produces only authentic action aimed at demonstrating the beauty of self-love when real ladies stop acting for the camera and take the time to pleasure themselves properly.Yanks Review

Only DP
Somehow straight men have become convinced that Double Penetration is a heterosexual act. To us it's just more proof that deep down... everyone is bisexual. This is a great site for anyone who loves to see a taint stretched to it's limits by cock!Only DP Review

Club Stroke
Club Stroke is the best place to take stroking into your own hands! Stories, Chat, Forums, Pictures and Videos of their members community. Male masturbation is the main focus...Club Stroke Review

Black Seducer is a site with a simple concept. A gifted black man with a 13" cock goes out cruising straight boyz and twinks to try and entice them to join him for a wild night. Interracial action with one of the largest dongs they have ever seen is too hard for many of them to pass over. That's what makes him known as the Black Seducer.BlackSeducer Review

All male British smut shot on location in Jolly Ole' England with young tight-bodied twinks jacking or shagging their flat-mates during afternoons of shared bliss. It's a smaller and newer site but the British accents make it worth a serious second look.KissLads Review

Maskurbate brings you masked straight men who have been convinced that nobody will really know who they are if they agree to make some spare coin by doing a one time only scene on an independent site. Masturbation and an occasional gay man on straight guy video make this site something to consider Bi-ing!MaskurBate Review

Men In Pain
For some the boundaries between pleasure and pain are a playground that let's their inner demons escape as they breathe deeply and exhale their anguish and impurities. Men In Pain is a quality site devoted to the men who see this kind of treatment and the women who best know how to provide them with it.Men In Pain Review

Hentai Mania
Hentai Mania contains so much top quality artwork that even the most avid Anime fans will find plenty of pictures and video they have never seen before. If you are new to the realm of cartoon sensuality Hentai Mania is also a great place to start your collection as well. It really is a very hot site!Hentai Mania Review

Milfs Like It Big is the newest site on the Brazzer network. Their sites cater to a straight audience but if you love large chested older women and well hung straight men then this is a site that may find your sweet spot even though it is supposed to be focused on breeders. MilfsLikeItBig Review

Cherry Spot
These little sweethearts are each on a mission to find their own Cherry Spot! With fingers fluttering and toys in their hands they poke and the prod for all their adoring fans. Pull up a chair and turn up your sound because these cherry pies are the sweetest around!Cherry Spot Review

Swallow My Nut
Swallow My Nut is a straight site featuring some very sex top name female performers showing the world what they can do when given a chance to gargle, gurgle and eventually swallow the entire load from their overly productive male costars!Swallow My Nut Review

FreshSX features a combination of original all exclusive man on man action and additional licensed content from other sources as well. What makes the site special is the fact that the model from one scene very well might be working the camera for the next one. These guys really do know how to make some excellent gay sex videos... even if the site is male only it's still worth a closer look!FreshSX Review

Lisa Sparxxx
Lisa Sparxxx become the first annual Booble girl in 2007 thanks to her amazing, all natural 36DD chest. She has her own official website and she actually runs the whole thing herself so you can be sure she takes the quality of your experience very seriously. Our only gripe is that Ms. Sparxxx unfortunately doesn't do gals.Lisa Sparxxx Review

Club Red Light
Red Light District has been one of the hottest DVD production houses for nearly a decade. Now they make the leap into online adult entertainment - bringing their huge collection of top quality porn productions to you with a kick-ass interface and daily updates! You can even see exclusive movies that are not yet available, and may never become available, anywhere else. The site does lack man4man content but straight men, straight women and hardcore girl vs girl lovers will all find plenty to keep them cumming back for more!Club Red Light Review

Tawnee Stone
Tawnee Stone is a coed cutie who wears braces on her teeth and does all kinds of softcore 'cheesecake' scenes showing some T&A with her gal pals and an occasional male visitor. If you like teen sites then hers is a quality solo addition to the always growing collection on the Lightspeed Network.Tawnee Stone Review

Lightspeed Sorority
Any girl who has been a resident of a Sorority House on campus or attended some of the keggers that went on in one knows the kinds of wild times that take place there! The Lightspeed Sorority leaves the boyz off the guest list and opens up wide to show you the intiations, the activities and the lifelong friendships that get forged among pledge-mates... and other mates as well!Lightspeed Sorority  Review

XXX Raimi
xxx Raimi is a redheaded tennis teen with all the energy, enthusiasm and confidence you might expect from one of today's best junior college athletes! On or off the court Raimi really shines and along with access to the rest of the Lightspeed Network her solo girl site is well worth the price of admission!XXX Raimi Review

Taylor Little
Taylor Little's solo girl site has been around for a while now. She burst onto the solo scene when she won the 2004 B.A.A Best Amateur Site Award and has not had much time to look back since then. Her site remains wildly popular and includes full access to the Lightspeed Network as well. It's rare to find a hardcore model with a face as pretty as Taylor Little and if you want to see more of her, her official site is the only place you can.Taylor Little Review

LightSpeed University
LightSpeed University may not have an official fight song or a football team or any famous graduates but it has something the Ivy League has always lacked. Sexy teens who love to get naked and offer anatomy lessons to the rest of the student body! The concept is campy, light and fun... the content is sexy, youthful and different. Grab your student ID and take a tour of the campus!LightSpeed University  Review

Dirty Aly
Dirty Aly just turned eighteen and hormones are raging. She hasn't gotten too interested in boyz as of yet and maybe she never will... but as far as girl on boi action Aly is the kind of lipstick-lesbian who knows how to make her gal-pals quiver. If you are bi-curious get a good look at Dirty Aly because her site gives you some great examples of the hot, sensual sex that awaits you in the arms of another woman!Dirty Aly Review

Reel 18
Reel 18 is an online video magazine meant to replace a lot of those T&A tabloids that you consider a guilty pleasure when you leaf through the pages looking at all the hottest teen stars and upcoming performers that Hollywood manufactures every year. The big difference is that these gals further, show more and deserve your complete attention.Reel 18 Review

Britney Lightspeed
Britney Lightspeed is a dream come true for ladies who love the lick, kiss and cuddle petite young brunette babes. If the collegiate dorm room darling is what does it for you in fantasy land then Britney is worth considering for your collection of virtual ladies.Britney Lightspeed Review

Faith Lightspeed
Like a redheaded teen firecracker of lust, Faith Lightspeed is quickly building a large female fan base full of bi-curious ladies who aren't sure how to lead but are definitely looking to follow along for the fun and steamy escapades that Faith keeps dreaming up on her own solo site!Faith Lightspeed Review

No Way Am I Gay
The owner of this website followed a very simple plan to get a very specific result. He placed ads in local papers looking for "straight men" who wanted to earn a few bucks modeling. Once they were lured to his studio they were offered a job jerking-off on camera. If you have a thing for seeing straight boyz stroking it then No Way Am I Gay may be the fetish site that offers exactly what you need to bust out your own delicious orgasm!No Way Am I Gay Review

See Her Squirt
Every single scene features a gal by her lonesome or her and a male lover helping to bring her over the finish line with a screaming orgasm that is sure to find its way into her private journal later that night. These are the creaming climaxes that you want to make notes about so you never forget just how fantastic they felt. Don't believe me? See Her Squirt!See Her Squirt Review

Female POV
Finally, a site that features the female point of view! You may have noticed most sex sites are shot from the male perspective with every camera angle giving you the action from his favorite angle. Well, Female POV goes the other way and lets you see every detail of these straight couples having sex from the eyes of the female performer. If you are a gal looking for porn from your perspective or a guy seeking a greater understanding of her sexual experience then this is a site that offers an excellent take on the action!Female POV Review

Tgirl Adventures
You're gonna wish Nicole was your best friend after checking out Tgirl Adventures. Nicole had a bunch of horny guy friends that loved to chase t-girl (tranny) tail. So she decided to film their conquests and put them up on the web. Now Nicole and her crew travel the world in search of the hottest tranny girls to fuck up the ass! Not a bad job, huh?Tgirl Adventures Review

TGirl Handjobs
They look as sweet as any young lady you might find on the beach during a summer weekend but when things get heated and the clothes come off they have a lesson to teach you. Watch as they get a grip of your goods give a whole new meaning to the term man-handle! Tgirl Handjobs proves that a girl with a cock of her own knows a lot about how to stroke yours!TGirl Handjobs Review

Tgirl Island
You've seen the television show Survivor. Well, imagine that show starring sexy shemales who get fucked in the ass and you have a fairly good idea of what Tgirl Island is all about. It's not the most original back-story ever... but with hot ladyboys like these... who needs back-story!Tgirl Island Review

Big Tit Patrol
This campy website features pretty women with a lot to offer from the waist on up! If you love curvy cuties who are stacked and wanting to be packed, then take the tour and see all that Big Tit Patrol has to offer. Ladies and gents, don't forget to bring your handcuffs with you!Big Tit Patrol Review

Please Bang My Wife
Please Bang My Wife features open-minded couples who are willing to open the door to their bedroom for visitors even after they both said I Do. Marriage and monogamy don't always have to go hand in hand and on this website they never do! Watch men secure enough in their own masculinity let their friends have a chance to go a while with their wives swinger style!Please Bang My Wife Review

Horny Spanish Flies
This swarm of buzzing Horny Spanish Flies will harass you right out of your pants. Fly-girls who are flexible enough to capture your imagination and sexy enough to linger in your memory long after you leave your desk. We wish they had a chance to get it on with each other as well, but for a straight site this one is still pretty good because it really does have some of the best looking amateur Spanish talent anywhere on the net. Horny Spanish Flies Review

Tori Stone
Tori Stone is a cuter teen coed who loves to show off for the camera. She got into the world on nude modeling by following her sister Tawnee Stone into the business. Her site is a softcore teaser type production but one worth checking out if she suits your fancy... fact is, if you don't signup here you won't see Tori anywhere else.Tori Stone Review

Dana Lightspeed
Dana Lightspeed is a brunette teen model with the most amazing blue eyes you have ever seen. They shimmer like a cool glass of water after a long walk in the Arizona desert. The irony is that when you visit Dana you aren't stepping out of the heat, you are playing right into its hands!Dana Lightspeed Review

Sexy young ladies who love to dryhump their man into a frenzy are looking for your attention. Visit Pantyjobs and see for yourself what a good grind with a gorgeous girl in sexy panties can do! You'll be rewarding her with a sticky creampie cameltoe long before she has time to wiggle off of you!Pantyjobs Review

Rachel 18
Rachel 18 is a very pretty coed with a problem. She always wanted to be the popular girl on the cheerleading team but she was never allowed to tryout in highschool. Now that she is 18 she has become her own boss, able to try new things and reach new heights. Follow along as she discovers herself on this exclusive website.Rachel 18 Review

Cum Filled Panties
Cum Filled Teens is a new solo girl masturbation site from the frisky folks at Lightspeed video. It brings you some of the best teen models in the world, each doing what they do best when nobody else is around and they are left to their own devices. It's so sexy when they breathe on their fingers to warm them up!Cum Filled Panties Review

Erica Lightspeed
If you consider yourself an athlete then you probably have a lot of memories tucked away starring girls like Erica Lightspeed in warm-up suits, on the practice field or loitering around the locker-room. Bicurious is a good way to describe her, but tall sexy and athletic is an even better way to remember her!Erica Lightspeed Review

Brandy Didder
Brandy Didder welcomes you to her own official website in a beautiful way. She is new to the world of nude modeling, but with her gal pal Taylor Little around to show her the ropes, her site is sure to become a success. Their shared masturbation scene is one of the warmest, wettest and most romantic two girl videos you will find anywhere on the web!Brandy Didder Review

Heather Lightspeed
Some girls are more about the way they move than the way they look. Their mannerisms show you that they have a deeper understanding of sexuality than others who are in a rush to get naked and 'get things over with.' Heather Lightspeed understands that the slow sensual path to pleasure may take longer, but it's always worth it because the joy is in the journey!Heather Lightspeed Review

Black Cocks Tiny Teens
Interracial sex sites are nothing new but Black Cocks Tiny Teens is one of the better ones. It features sexy young ladies, many of whom are about to be with a man of another ethnicity for the first time on or off camera. While that should not be a big deal, it is for many of them. The site does a great job of presenting all cultures in a positive light and the results help to prove that it is not skin color that determines how sexy someone is, their skills are what matter most when the clothes come off!Black Cocks Tiny Teens Review

Big Dicks Little Asians
There is something extra special about getting your fingers wrapped around a nice big dick. Lots of men and ladies lie to their lover and tell them size does not matter at all. Sure, it isn't the only important ingredient of good sex, but a nice piece of meat definitely helps! On Big Dicks Little Asians you are treated to the sexy contrast between the sweet petite Asian actresses and the long thick meat of their well hung male costars!Big Dicks Little Asians Review

I Spy Cameltoe
It really doesn't matter if you are a straight guy, a lesbian or either gender with some tendencies, a hot chick out on the street with a sexy cameltoe crease is bound to get your attention in a jiffy! I Spy Cameltoe is a site devoted to women who know how to show off their lower cleavage for the world to enjoy!I Spy Cameltoe Review

The Big Swallow
The Big Swallow is a site that is definitely intended for a straight audience. It features pretty girls giving quality blowjobs and then swallowing monster cumshots from guys they must have hired and agreed to pay by the ounce! It's a belly-rubbing good time! For the Bisexual audience, the site still has some value because any guys who like to go down the hatch with their man's seed will be just as impressed by the men making these loads as straight guy viewers are by the girls who swallow them!The Big Swallow Review

Stop The Camera
If you've ever wondered what happens on a porn set when the camera stops rolling, you owe it to yourself to check out Stop The Camera. This site captures all the backstage action and banter as your favorite stars are caught on tape after a hard days work. Stop the Camera features really cool, up close and personal content that you won't find anywhere else on the web! Stop The Camera Review

Golden Hardcore
Anyone who ever owned a VCR back in the day will appreciate the digitally remastered versions of these classic porno movies. Big name hall of fame starlets like Christy Canyon and Nina Hartley along with certified studs like Peter North and Ron Jeremy get to show their stuff in a way that will have you feeling horny and nostalgic all at the same time!Golden Hardcore Review

Attack My Ass
Attack My Ass is not a new concept in straight porn. There are plenty of buttsex sites out there these days, but what sets this one apart from so many others is the quality of the video and the aggressive intensity of the anal action. If you like no holes barred action and want to skip the romance, this is a site worth checking out.Attack My Ass Review

The Hardcore Network
If you are a one stop shopper, the Hardcore Network is the place for you. The network is made up of a collection of 19 sites that members have full access to all with their one membership. With over 700 videos covering just about every type of kink, you can't go wrong with a Hardcore Network subscription. Consider it porn dollars well spent! The Hardcore Network Review

Gay Yappo
For anyone who has ever wandered the aisles of a Gay video store browsing through the DVDs on the shelves, Gay Yappo is an absolute must see website. It may have a silly name, but 32,000 movies in the best pay per view theater online anywhere is nothing to laugh at... it's an amazing amount of hardcore gay smut and you only pay for what you watch!Gay Yappo Review

Slutty Squirters
No, that's not a leak in your ceiling. It's the chicks from Slutty Squirters cumming right at you! Wait till you get a load of these goddesses of female ejaculation. Sweet orgasmic climax cream drenches their sheets with girl goo in every amazing 1280x720 High Def squirting porn video! It's so crystal clear, you may feel the urge to wipe down your monitor after these ladies are finished!Slutty Squirters Review

Swallow Squirt
Friends don't let friends drink and drive, but they do let them swallow down every ounce of pussy juice that they squirt out when they cum. Swallow Squirt brings you pussies that resemble water fountains and the hot chicks that love to drink from them.Swallow Squirt Review

Third Movies
If you're a fan of the Third Degree porn movie studio then you'll be thrilled to know they have finally released a brand new all-exclusive porn site called Third Movies and it features their entire catalog of smut. Third Movies gives you access to every DVD the studio has ever produced! There are hundreds of complete DVDs uploaded to the site already and that number keeps growing weekly. All you have to do is log on and download your favorite scenes!Third Movies Review

Street Ranger
Street Ranger takes you to the streets and proves that the best way to get a blowjob from a chick is to ask. Follow his sexcapades as he invades the mall, bank and local hot dog stand and literally asks hot chicks to suck his cock. Obviously, the dude is onto something, because they all drop to their knees and say yes! Street Ranger Review

Flower Tucci
Pornstar Flower Tucci had her own official website launched and then she flaked out before it had a chance to become huge. She's great at fucking but terrible at business it seems. Her site was bought up by the Reality Kings and added to their gigantic network of top quality sites. As part of a huge network it becomes a pretty good choice for Flower's fans!Flower Tucci Review

Tinys Black Adventures
Dark ladies with bang'n midnight black bodies that glisten as they work up a sweat! If rap video babes are what get your juices flowing then these sexy vixens are made to order! The members area is all straight sex but the male and female performers are both better eye candy than the average smut sites and the movies all offer their members plenty of flava'Tinys Black Adventures Review

Courtney Lightspeed
This is not really a stand-alone website. Courtney Lightspeed is more of a bonus site included as part of the Lightspeed network of sites to give members some extra content. One day it may become its own independent solo girl offering but for now if you join you should not expect much from Courtney, it's the rest of the network that you are really getting your content from.Courtney Lightspeed Review

Ronni Tuscadero
Solo sites are difficult to rate because they are so much more about the girl or guy than they are about the quantity of movies of formats offered. Ronni Tuscadero is fit blonde teen who loves to get it on with other girls and does some hot masturbation scenes as well. Take her tour and if you like what you see, sign-up for more!Ronni Tuscadero Review

Stacy Bride
Anyone looking for an adorable eighteen year old amateur playmate today? If you are, check out Stacy Bride and the rest of the girls on the gigantic Lightspeed network. Picture fans and teen solo girl fanatics will be thrilled by what they have to offer. This is a tease and please type site so don't expect too much hardcore action, but as far as titillating teen sites go, this is the best network around.Stacy Bride Review

Little Troublemaker
Sugar and spice and everything that gets her into trouble! That's what Little Troublemaker is all about, a solo girl site starring a teen with a sweet face and a nasty appetite for teasing all the gals and guys in her tight circle of friends. As one of the better sites on the Lightspeed network, this one is worth joining... especially when you look at all the other sites they include free for members.Little Troublemaker Review

New Solos
Perfect girls await you behind the red curtain at New Solos. These sexy sluts are waiting for you to masturbate with them! Featuring crystal clear 1280x720 high-definition xxx videos, you'll feel like you're in their living room watching! Don't stay home alone, log on and let one of these vixens join you!New Solos Review

Oriental Orgy
Asian lovers unite! Oriental Orgy brings to the internet some of the hottest Asian ass found anywhere on the planet. This site features more variety than your local Chinese food menu from many Easter origins. Let these Asian beauties show you how they satisfy their insatiable appetite for sex.Oriental Orgy Review

Sex Toy Teens
It's a fact of life that at eighteen, girls typically still have a curfew. But when you're eighteen and horny, what are you to do if you can't go out and fuck your boyfriend... or girlfriend... or both? Masturbate at home until your hands ache? Check out these hotties as they satisfy their sexual needs with dildos vibrators and sex toys to take the strain off their wrists and fingers. These Sex Toy Teens put on a hell of a show!Sex Toy Teens Review

Simple Fucks
Sex doesn't always have to be complicated. Sometimes you just want to get naked and fuck. That's what Simple Fucks is all about. There are no pretenses, no gimmicks, or gags. Just straight up fucking! And it's all shot in real 1280x720 HD porn video. So take the free preview and download yourself some crystal clear smut today - and remember to k.i.s.s. 'Keep it simple, sexy!'Simple Fucks Review

Swallow Me POV
One of the best point of view sites on the net today, Swallow Me POV features hot pornstars down on their knees waiting to swallow your cock and everything it has to offer. Virtual porn for the digital age, you're made to feel like these chicks are sucking your meat as they look up into your eyes and wait for you to shoot on their face.Swallow Me POV Review

Swank Magazine Online
It's only a matter of time before the biggest and most well known smut magazines get with the times and go digital. Swank Magazine Online is one of those publications that has successfully made the transition. Publishing all of its content online, inside you will find super high quality still photographs and video content from one of the most domineering and well known names in the business. Twenty-four hour, seven days a week instant access to all their top notch content awaits you.Swank Magazine Online Review

The Lucky Man
Some guys are lucky in love but fuck that. Who needs love when you can get all the tail your cock can handle and then some? At The Lucky Man, watch one lucky stiff after another get gangbanged by at least 5 hot pieces of ass all at the same time. That's at least one cock and four fingers worth of action at any moment! The Lucky Man Review

Terry Lightspeed
Terry Lightspeed is not like the rest of the models on the lightspeed teen network. She didn't get her own site when she turned 18 or 19, she got it going a little later in life and now she brings a world of experience to her own photos and videos that the younger teen talents often seem to lack. This cougar is on the prowl.. so, do you feel like having her hunt you for a while?Terry Lightspeed Review

Mandy Lightspeed
Mandy is like that girlfriend you once had who everyone else thinks is such an angel but somehow she always leaves a wide wake in her trail. A real drama queen who gets away with all the stuff she causes just because she has a pretty face and a rockin' body. Well, if you join her site you get all the benefits of a girl like Mandy Lightspeed without having to deal with any of the consequences!Mandy Lightspeed Review

Sweet Devon
When Irish eyes are smiling the whole world gets turned on! Yeah, that may not be the lyrics to the song but we all know it's the truth. Looking into those glowing green eyes and seeing he twinkle of a naughty idea being formed behind them is enough to get me going back to her members area again and again. The site is small but the network is huge and that makes Sweet Devon an Irish lass worth smiling about!Sweet Devon Review

Gigi Lightspeed
Another student-athlete joins the lightspeed network of solo girl sites and Gigi Lightspeed is one we plan to keep our eyes on! She's tall, leggy and has the sexiest smirk when she smiles just right for the camera. She also seems to be willing to got a lot further than some of the other bicurious models on their sites. Perhaps she will lead the hardcore revolution inside their network and kick things up a notch!Gigi Lightspeed Review

Lacey White
Lacey White is a bonus site on the Lightspeed network. She shows up and dominates some of the other teen models on their sites so lightspeed went to the next step and collected all of her scenes from the other networked sites into their own area... but only time will tell if Lacey is ready to shoot a real site worth of content or not in the future.Lacey White Review

Nikki Grinds
She doesn't wear a lot of makeup because she doesn't need to. Nikki Grinds can just step out of the shower and throw on a set of overalls to be ready for action. That kind of simplicity and sex appeal has made her a fan favorite among members of the lightspeed network, and a best friend with benefits for most of the other gals in the web ring.Nikki Grinds Review

Evitas Playhouse
It's too bad Evitas Playhouse stopped updating. She sure was a cutie while she was performing and it's still fun to look back in her archives at her kinky masturbation updates. Plenty of pics but only a dozen videos are still inside. However, this is just one of the sites you get access to as a member so have a look at all the others before you make up your mind.Evitas Playhouse Review

Whipped Ass
Like it rough? These lady lovers in leather are all about the lashes. Eyelashes wet by tears, asses reddened by the leather lash of the whip and the kind of whiplash that most viewers will experience the first time they see this site. Whipped Ass is a real genuine bondage site that is not for the timid. We included it in our reviews because if you want this sort of content, this is the best site in the wold to get it from!Whipped Ass Review

One of the biggest and definitely the cheapest all gay hardcore DvD Flash streaming websites. These movies can be viewed online with an interface that is as easy to use as your own DvD player. You don't need to go to the store ever again, heck you can even cruise boyz online in their chat area the same way you would bumping into a hot man in your favorite aisle while picking out a new title!ManOlay Review

BabyGotBalls is an exclusive website featuring original shemale with a female movies in DVD quality downloadable and streaming scenes. The site is pretty new and doesn't have a huge archive built-up yet but it does have some excellent movies and it has a really unique pricing plan that lowers the price and gives you access to two new websites every month if you remain a loyal member!BabyGotBalls Review

Barefoot Maniacs
Barefoot Maniacs brings you dozens of fantastic foot fetish films all shot exclusively for their own site and filled with the kind of ankle and toe action that foot worshipers crave. Best of all the site never gets stale because it includes full access to lots of other sites in a variety of niches. Hardcore foot fans finally have a site that lets them get off on their favorite fantasy AND lets them enjoy other aspects of the sexual experience as well!Barefoot Maniacs Review

Asian And Hot
Asian And Hot is a small solo masturbation site that unfortunately does not include anything original or all too exciting. It's a collection of scenes and bonus feeds from other providers in a very basic design. The trial is your best option because it does give you full access for less than 5 bucks, but be sure to cancel before it re-bills because the site does not have enough quality materials to keep you busy for a full month.Asian And Hot Review

Ass Munchers
Rimjobs have been common in the gay community forever but somehow it seems that somehow straight couples have finally discovered the joy of having their bungholes tongued as well! Of course websites like Ass Munchers take this activity to its filthiest and least sensual limits, but we can not deny that the action on their site is hot and the contrast of innocent ladies and jaded male performers does add an interesting twist to the experience.Ass Munchers Review

Send Ashley To College
Ashley is adorable... but the student loan companies did not care much about that. She has a smile that lights up the whole room, but that won't get you a Pell grant. Fact is, if Ashley wants a higher education she is gonna have to earn it the old fashioned way. It's too bad she is trying to get a Psychology degree because her solo girl site would probably have earned her plenty of 'life experience credits' toward a programming degree!Send Ashley To College Review

Cherry Trainer
Cherry Trainer is a hetero site showcasing sweet young teen gals with older guys. It's not a new concept, and the site has only 16 exclusive scenes in its members area so far... but it is growing and the video quality is excellent.Cherry Trainer Review

Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks
Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks is a site any lady can love, and so can straight men who love the fantasy of picking up a single gal out around town and bringing her home to introduce her to the ten inches of pleasure he packs in his pants. It's a fun site with plenty of straight female pornstars getting seriously slammed by a well endowed white guy who is as cute as he is talented!Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks Review

Mr Chews Asian Beaver
Imagine an Asian short-order cook running his own escort service during his free time. It's a fun campy look at what might happen but the back-story quickly gives way to some spicy and exclusive Asian action starring top tier brand name starlets of South Pacific origin and the men lucky enough to call Mr Chews Asian Beaver while Mr. Chew was home to answer his telephone!Mr Chews Asian Beaver Review

Spunky Teens
Spunky Teens features lots of curious young ladies venturing into their womanhood with a bang! These lovely cuties from Denmark go on-camera for the first time and put on quite a show for the world to see. They may be new but they are not shy, these chicks are spunky and the spunk launched at them only seems to make them even spunkier!Spunky Teens Review

18 Only Girls
18 Only Girls is a fantastic fantasy destination for male and female viewers who love the look and feel of watching gorgeous female eighteen year old amateur Euro-models in high definition masturbation movies. These sweethearts are not likely to be seen anywhere else and the movies are as artistic as they are erotic!18 Only Girls Review

Updating daily for the last 6+ years, Twistys now features one of the largest archives of Babes anywhere in the world. These are gorgeous female models (and some of their male and female lovers) showing their glamorous beauty in thousands of magazine quality pictorials and exclusive video updates. The site updates each day with a new video set and four new picture sets as well. Take the tour and see some more, Twistys is HUGE!Twistys Review

Asses In Public
Asses In Public is all about the lovely ladies of the world who get off on the idea of flashing someone as they pass by on a busy public street or near a construction job-site. The exhilaration of doing something naughty in public and the energy it creates in the person you pleasantly surprised is reason enough to get these sexy women naked in public!Asses In Public Review

Hot Wendy Williams
Hot Wendy Williams is the real deal. A pre-op transgender female who loves to have fun on camera. If you are in the mood for all the best that man and a woman have to offer, then she-male porn is something you should consider. The site is slowly growing and featuring guest appearances by pretty cross-gender cuties along with all the men and women they love to play with.Hot Wendy Williams Review

Lady Sonia
Lady Sonia stars as a darling British Dominatrix whose fetish videos have been thrilling her audience for more than eight years! Each update is a carefully crafted high-definition video exploring a wide array of sexually charged scenarios ranging from mutual masturbation to feminine domination and far more. If your catalog of hot Brits includes only Princess Diana and Posh Spice, you may want to check out this website and add Sonia to your list!Lady Sonia Review

Teeny Bopper Club
As men get older there definitely seems to be some kind of primal instinctual urge to find a 'young chippy' for some carnal adventure in an attempt to renew the inner sense of vitality than some seem to feel erodes with age. There are countless examples of this in the real world, but if you prefer to keep it on the fantasy level then Teeny Bopper Club is here to bring you a bevy of teenage beauties for that purpose!Teeny Bopper Club Review

All Reality Pass
All Reality Pass is a massive network of smaller exclusive sites that all focus on the reality-based niche of porn content. If you like watching reality TV shows, these are similar... with a hardcore sexual payoff at the end unlike stuff on television.All Reality Pass Review

Black Ice Pass
These sun-kissed Black beauties are some of the most delicious divas the urban sub-culture has ever seen. Step into the hip-hop world of popshot movies produced exclusively for owners of the Black Ice Pass! Every movie ever made by Black Ice studio is now available online and their new flicks will all drop hot right to the site before they get seen anywhere else! With Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree Films sharing the same network access it's one membership for three studios that will make your soul melt!Black Ice Pass Review

MILFs In Heat
MILFs In Heat lets the ladies take-charge for a change. With 50+ exclusive scenes in their archives and fresh weekly updates, this site is a great place to go when you are in the mood to watch women who have matured like fine wine with men who need to be taught a thing or two by a lady with a whole lot of love to give!MILFs In Heat Review

Rachel Aziani
Rachel Aziani started her own official solo gal site more than five years ago. Since that time she has become known to MILF fans everywhere as Busty Rachel. Her beautiful body, high-def videos and bubbly attitude make her one of the best hardcore solo models on the web. While most of her site is straight content, she has been known to dabble in to fetish and bi-curious scenes as well.Rachel Aziani Review

Amber At Home
If you have ever fantasized about being in a full time BDSM relationship then Amber At Home is a site you may want to look at a bit closer. Amber is a submissive house-whore who services the needs of the men and women in her life because their sexual gratification is the thing that really gets her off the most!Amber At Home Review

Aziani is an online glamour site featuring some of the most amazing women in the nude modeling industry. Each update offers high-res pics and high-def videos crafted by professional photographers who actually know what they are doing! With solo masturbation as the focus and fashion model quality talent as the centerpiece, Aziani is well on its way to becoming the best glamour Babe site on the net!Aziani Review

Joon Mali
Joon Mali is a terrific new teen model from Thailand. She has her own official solo girl softcore site and you can really get to know her as a member of it. With frequent journal entries, short quality videos and lots of beautiful photo sets shot on location... this is one lesbian teen starlet you won't want to miss.Joon Mali Review

Round Mound Of Ass
Big backsides are on the menu at Round Mound Of Ass. It's all about those squeezable booties that plump-up in the palm of your hand when you reach out an tap one. Lovely ladies with some junk in the trunk get all the attention and affection they can take!Round Mound Of Ass Review

Tired of seeing scene after scene with men in the take-charge role as young teen girls are lured into bed with them? Turn the tables on them for a change with a site like CougarsInHeat, where men are the prey and women who know what they want prove they know how to get it! These ladies are fierce! CougarsInHeat Review

Posh Wife
Posh Wife is a site intended to please those who get off on a high-fashion British housewife. Unfortunately the site is very small and the quality of the updates is too low to help you live out that fantasy. Hopefully in time the site will live up to its imaginative name.Posh Wife Review

Anal Centerfolds
Anal Centerfolds brings you women who are a rare combination of Centerfold good-looks and filthy almost vulgar sexual perversion. If you have ever owned an Evil Angel DVD or VHS movie from back in the day then you have a good idea what to expect because this site is part of their network and brings you all the debauchery that their fans have come to love about them. This is not a site for feminists... well, unless they are pretty twisted feminists.Anal Centerfolds Review

40 Inch Plus
Big bottomed beauties are the focus of 40 Inch Plus. These are all sexy women who thick tushes that go wider than 40 inches around the back. If you are a gal who diets every day then these are guys who will look the other way, because what they want to play with is a backside with some cushion for all their pushin'!40 Inch Plus Review

8th Street Latinas
Sultry Latinas from Miami are at the top of a lot of wish lists when fantasy time comes. 8th Street Latinas is one of the first and best adult porn sites focused on Latinas from South Beach. Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicanas, Boriquas, Island Girls of all kinds.... they all wind up along 8th Street where you can get to know them better.8th Street Latinas Review

Big Naturals
Big Naturals is a fantastic site for any man or woman who is drawn to curvy Babes with big natural tits and bubbly personalities. These aren't stick-figure thin bony gals with fake implants, these are gifted goddesses who got very lucky in the genetic lottery and that makes them worth watching and lathering them with your affection!Big Naturals Review

Big Tits Boss
Tired of having to say yes to your boss at work? Ever wonder what it would be like to be the woman in charge instead? See what these power players do when they have male employees at their disposal day and night to take care of their every whim. These aren't your ordinary ladies, these are women who have staff to service them and they really do like the staff! Big Tits Boss is a site that proves men can't resist the commands of a well endowed woman... financially or physically!Big Tits Boss Review

Captain Stabbin
Party Boats are a great place to spend the weekend. All the Sun and salt sea air, a gentle breeze and well... lots of anal sex! That's what Captain Stabbin offers visitors in exchange for a free pleasure cruise around the harbor. This is one of the oldest adult sites on the entire internet and it has been evolving and updating weekly for years and years!Captain Stabbin Review

Cum Fiesta
Cum Fiesta has been filming sexy women who like to party with their panties off for nearly six years and the archives of this long-standing bastion of internet smut have bulged to gigantic proportions. It's not just a quick suck and fuck... it's a fiesta of cum!Cum Fiesta Review

Round And Brown
Big Bangin' brown booties and the men who loves to worship them. It's a straight site but the men on this sexy offering are all about the ass. Ebony honeys oil up their backsides and use the grease in their crease to work wicked orgasms out of the submissive men that they play with.Round And Brown Review

Pimp My Black Teen
Anyone who has seen the popular show Pimp My Ride is well aware of the automotive make-overs where they take a ghetto mobile and make it into a bling-bling custom concept car. Pimp My Black Teen applies the same light-hearted backstory to the process of making over dressed-down urban beauties as sexy on screen divas for a reality based sex site that turns raw talent into porn quality hardcore content!Pimp My Black Teen Review

Panties And Fannies
When a gal gets dressed for a date with her sweetheart, let's be honest... she isn't picking out the sexiest set of panties just to keep her tush warm! Panties And Fannies is focused on the erotic accessories of the adorable gals who show up for scene work at this full service porn studio.Panties And Fannies Review

Pacinos Adventures
Pacino is a hot-blooded Latino who is criss-crossing the globe in search of the finest amateur Latina talent for his own escapades on and off camera. The ones he films are available for viewing as part of the Pacinos Adventures website. DvD quality amateurs you won't see anywhere else, it's a Latina fiesta for your libido.Pacinos Adventures Review

Vanilla DeVille
Right from the start, Vanilla DeVille was recognized by the skin biz as someone special. Standing just 5 feet four inches tall and packing a 34DD-24-34 punch, Ms. Deville has gone on to become one of the most recognizable names in the world of adult online content. Lucky for us her official website features her in hardcore action with men, women or solo and also includes a huge archive of glamour spreads that you won't want to miss!Vanilla DeVille Review

Bubble Butt Tryouts
Ladies, if you have been worried about the size of your own backside or the way your bluejeans fit... you don't need another miracle diet, you need a man who appreciates the way you are proportioned! Bubble Butt Tryouts features full bodied female models and the men who lust after them. The affection is real, the women are natural and the sex is amazing. Best of all, it's filmed in 1440x1080 High-Def!Bubble Butt Tryouts Review

Housewife Kelly
Kelly and Shawn and are a couple of swingers from the North East. One cold winter night they started fooling around with a video camera and a few hours later they were seriously talking about their own internet porn site. Now you can see the happy couple getting busy with their male and female friends on camera in all kinds of sexy scenarios. The good news is that both of them are HAWT!Housewife Kelly Review

Video Sexperts
VideoSexperts is a unique web experience. It offers members a massive amount of DVD porn updated daily and allows them to publish their own Sexpert reviews and ratings for each. Find a Sexpert who matches your own tastes and you have a built-in guide through the enormous sex video collection. Best of all, as a BiReviews member if you click the Free Preview button you will be allowed to signup at the discounted rate of $19.95 per month instead of the normal $29.95 per month. Quality, quantity... and on top of all that it's a bargain price!Video Sexperts Review

Tiny Gwen
Tiny Gwen is a sweetheart of a girl. The kind of handsome gal that you sit with for a drink or two and become completely comfortable with as the night goes along. She's so chill that her picture sets and videos really give you a great sense of the kind of inner-peace, self-confidence and feminine charm she is known for by sooo many people who have become members of her solo girl site.Tiny Gwen Review

Tera Patrick
One of porn's leading ladies for the last several years has been skin-biz superstar Tera Patrick. Few on camera whores ever manage to make the leap from sucking cock to becoming a mainstream celebrity. Tracy Lords, Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly, Ron Jeremy and Peter North are a few other examples out of thousands who tried. When you see Tera in action you'll understand why so many adoring fans in adult and mainstream are always happy to spend time with her!Tera Patrick Review

Shiny Super Heroines
You finally capture your arch-nemesis, but now what do you do with her? You can't just dispatch her abruptly, that would violate the comic-book code. You need to tie her up so you can explain your master plan to her and play ominous music in the background! Shiny Super Heroines is a high-def adult site like no other. Take the free preview and see for yourself. Sexy spandex heroines in bondage!Shiny Super Heroines Review

Jamie Coxx
Jamie Coxx is a shemale performer from Dallas Texas who is leaving the local scene and going international online instead. Jamie's site features 64 high-def exclusive hardcore transsexual videos with plenty of action either solo or with lady-friends. As a true amateur performer Jamie brings a lot of charisma and charm to every video and photoset in the official site archives.Jamie Coxx Review

Lesbian Gonzo
Lesbian Gonzo brings you all the best hot girl on girl action without any of the annoying scripted plot and chatter. They take it slow and bring each other to the boiling point of sexual crescendo after crescendo but the clips are all about the foreplay, the sex and the cuddling afterward. Best of all, these Babes are party girls looking to be part of five or six gal orgies, not just solo and two way escapes. Definitely worth a look... and a lick! Lesbian Gonzo Review

Net MovieZ
Net MovieZ is a brand new site that is quickly building a massive amount of DVD content in its archives. Offered at a bargain price of less than nine dollars a month and already featuring more than 80 complete DVDs and thousands of hours of bonus content... it may not be the biggest or the best massive site out there, but on a price to content ratio it is pretty hard to beat!Net MovieZ Review

Carlos Castings
Carlos Castings is a very well designed high-def exclusive gay content site that features Carlos as he interviews twinks on the casting couch. The concept is not new, but the action is definitely hot! As a newer site the price is a little high for the small size of the archive, but you get what you pay for and 1280x720 exclusive gay content is definitely eye-candy for those who own it.Carlos Castings Review

Shemale Sex HD
Shemale Sex HD fills a huge void in the life of many transgender lovers. Now, instead of choosing between shemale smut and quality porn, you can get true high-def 1280x720 exclusive ladybody movies from the highest quality tranny site on the net. It's about time someone finally released a shemale site that unleashes all the beauty and sexual energy of these darling transsexual models!Shemale Sex HD Review

Keith Manheim
Keith Manheim is a site with a nice mix of exclusive gay content and non-exclusive content as well. With 54 scenes you have never seen anywhere else and hundreds of hours of DVD content as well, the KM site will keep your cock busy for a nice long time. Also, the site offers iPod video formats for perverts on the go.. and the interface is easy to use even for internet newbies.Keith Manheim Review

Men With Cams
Men With Cams is a real amateur gay video site featuring over 700 home-made porn videos that you can watch streaming on your screen any time you want. All kinds of men doing what men do best... sucking, fucking, jacking and cumming! The price is inexpensive at under 25 bucks a month, the only real drawback is that the videos are only 320x240... so full screen they do get blurred a bit but that's to be expected with real amateur smut.Men With Cams Review

Asian Cock Stars
Asian Cock Stars is a new Asian Gay Twink site that represents the exclusive content of Island Caprice Studios online. The models are definitely cuties and the studio has developed a style that captures both their energy and vitality in every scene. If Asian twinks are what you crave then these cockstars are ready to give you what you need!Asian Cock Stars Review

Twink Clinic
Hot hairless men in a hospital setting doing anything but being orderly! Twink Clinic is a site for anyone who has ever sat in a waiting room eying the lab tech or checking out the package of their physician before going into the examination room to strip down. Go on, turn your head and cough for the good Doctor!Twink Clinic Review

These glamorous European models make the decision to leave fashion careers for nude work and they never look back! In hundreds of scenes they strut their stuff and Xisty captures all the amazing action with true high-def craftsmanship and eye-popping 1280x720 adult videos that will make it impossible for you to stop smiling! This is a glamor site members area that truly delivers on all the promises the site tour makes!Xisty Review

Ass Toyed Shemales
One of the newer transsexual sites, Ass Toyed Shemales brings you sexy Tgirls and Ladyboys playing with their own special kinds of toys. Everything from penis pumps to ass plugs, vegetables and anything else that they have handy to help them reach another mind-jarring orgasm in 1280x720 high-def shemale porn videos that are each well worth watching. This site makes you really feel like a winner!Ass Toyed Shemales Review

Wank Off World
Wank Off World claims to be a fantastic and gigantic mega-site of solo masturabtion movies. Actually it is a pretty good site, but only about 25% of the movies are exclusive. The exclusive scenes are excellent and feature real amateur guys in some very hot jerk off videos and picture sets. Then they amp up their collection of wanking content by giving you a lot of non-exclusive stroke material that's also well worth watching. Wank Off World Review

Beauty and Braces
Any gal or guy who had to endure the senseless teasing that usually comes along with having to wear braces will find this site as liberating as it is sexually appealing. A high-def expose and stunning visual collection of pictorials and videos that take a glamorous look at Kink, style, fashion, fetish appeal, Beauty And Braces!Beauty and Braces Review

Cable Guy Sex
You're never gonna leave your girl home again to wait for the cable man after you check out Cable Guy Sex. Not only will he service the line, but he'll service whatever mouth, ass or pussy is awaiting his arrival! These are Reality porn videos that don't take themselves too serious, so watch as cable guys get the job done and get off at work!Cable Guy Sex Review

Anal Hell
Pussy's are tight but assholes are tighter! Anal Hell presents the best in high-def all anal action. Watch as slut after slut spreads her pussy wide open only to feel a poke then plunge as her rectum gets wrecked. If hell is full of this much hot anal action, there's gonna be a long line at the door to get in!Anal Hell Review

Busty Solos
Log onto Busty Solos and let these women show you how they fuck themselves! Big tits and big dildos abound, as these sexy vixens pleasure themselves all for your pleasure! Featuring some of the hottest big tit babes around, each one gives a solo masturbation scene that is not to be missed. It's all solo so it's perfect for gay gals or str8 men to watch as well.Busty Solos  Review

Ebony Addiction
Addicted to black chicks? Love the way the pink inner lining of their pussy looks next to that brown sugar skin? Then get ready to feed your craving with Ebony Addiction! Watch the hottest chocolate mammas getting drilled by monster cock in this black on black str8 porn fuckfest. Ebony Addiction Review

Just Legal Babes
Get ready to push the envelope with Just Legal Babes. These chicks have just turned eighteen and are ready to perform for the camera for the first time! Some are super tight teens because they are new to sex entirely and some will surprise you 'cause they are already seasoned pros! One thing is certain, it's all good when Just Legal Babes spread their legs and say aaahhhh.Just Legal Babes  Review

Slutty Gaggers
It takes a true slut to be willing to gag all over a rock solid cock. For your viewing pleasure, a handful of these cock loving sluts have been gathered together to create Slutty Gaggers. Featuring hours of throat poking action, these chicks swallow so much dick that their eyes start to water as they struggle to choke-down every last inch!Slutty Gaggers Review

Teenage Whores
Some girls are sweet and nice until much later in life. Others become naughty long before they become MILFs. Just because they are eighteen or nineteen that doesn't mean they are too shy to take charge when a man has his eye on them. These aren't the ordinary teens you've met before, these are true Teenage Whores in HD porno videos!Teenage Whores  Review

Gay Sex Resort
Wondering where you can go to get tan and get laid by cute gay-boyz with monster cocks all at the same time? At the Gay Sex Resort, that kind of outdoor hardcore action happens all the time! Check out the Free Preview and see their pool boyz attend to more important matters than skimming the water! Hardcore man for man action in full hi-def awaits you on this fantasy island!Gay Sex Resort Review

Gay Solos
Sometimes you just want to keep it simple and Gay Solos does just that. Watch the hottest studs jerking themselves off just for you. Self-love stroke videos starring their hard cocks and cum covered six-pack of abs are a special treat for gay men, straight women and bisexual viewers alike. These are HD Jerk-Off movies at their finest!Gay Solos Review

Hotberries Net
Hotberries Net is a real lesbian site! Finally, a site actually produced by a talented team of real life female lovers. They're from Norway and you'll notice right away that their site isn't like all those bogus commercial porn sites. This is real girl on girl action, filmed the way you would expect it to be because the people filming it are intimately familiar with the way it actually goes down in real life!Hotberries Net Review

18 Close Up
Featuring the sweetest female teen models from all over Europe, 18 Close Up is a new way to enjoy masturbation videos... in 1920x1080 high-def zoomed in scenes that put you as close to the action as you can get! You'll feel like you are right between her thighs as she reaches each and every orgasm.18 Close Up Review

Pinup WOW
Hearkening back to a simpler time when women were much more glamorous and adult entertainment had a rather light and carefree feel to it, Pinup WOW is not just another porn site, it's a time period artfully restored with elegant softcore British Babes bringing back the sensuality of the pinup girl posing for the camera in costumes and fantasy garb of all kinds. It's definitely worth a look for anyone who enjoys vintage erotica.Pinup WOW Review

MurderLily provides avant-garde lovers of alt eroticism with more than one hundred exclusive high-definition photo sets starring gorgeous goth girls and modern pinpup models who will quickly catch your eye and spark your imagination. This is not the typical porn site... it's adult Art and it's definitely worth a good long look!MurderLily Review

Latina Emotion
Sultry Latina hotties show why they are known all over the world as the most exciting and emotional kind of sex stars. In every scene you are treated to a new lovely Latina and you get to see her country of origin as she competes in porn's best version of a sexual Olympics - only on Latina Emotion!Latina Emotion Review

AsianBoy Feet
Combining exciting niches for fans of gay fetishes, Asian BoyFeet has some very exclusive gay Asian foot fetish films produced on location in the South Pacific with twinks who know how to get kinky from the heel to toes of their favorite male playmates. This eighteen and nineteen year old foot fondlers are sure to fill a large hole in the collection of many kinky porn fans!AsianBoy Feet Review

Bukkake became a very big sensation in both the Gay and Straight porn worlds, and while Boykakke has a similar name, it isn't multiple facial cumshot videos. The exclusive Asian twink content is definitely hot... but the name implies something that you won't find here. Boykakke is more about threeway and fourway Asian twink sex it seems.Boykakke Review

Gay Asian Amateurs
Wishing you could take a day trip to Thailand or scout out the fine asses all along the South Pacific rim? Gay Asian Amateurs is like getting your travel pass to exclusive hardcore Asian twinks around the world without having to fly coach or carry heavy bags filled with your favorite sex toys! Finally you can forget the jet-lag and start downloading right now!Gay Asian Amateurs Review

The land of the rising sun has produced plenty of sexy Asian twinks and these JapanBoyz are ready to captivate the entire Gay audience online. More than just 'gay Asians', these are true stars who have mastered the art of drawing fans in with each pulsing hardcore performance from the first kiss to the last drop!JapanBoyz Review

SeventeenVideo features multiple updates every day of the week starring the sexiest eighteen and nineteen year old petite Euro porn performers. These are amateur girls with great bodies and a keen sense for knowing how to mix playful innocence with passionate hardcore eroticism. See it for yourself and you'll be pleased in more ways than one!SeventeenVideo Review

Ladyboy Gold
Ladyboy Gold features truly exotic amateur Ladyboys in exclusive high quality videos filmed on location throughout the Orient. If you have a fetish for sexy Asian shemales and want access to beauties you have never seen before, Ladyboy Gold is an excellent option to consider.Ladyboy Gold Review
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